Authority Site Traffic Boost – Review

My complete course Authority Traffic Site Boost, Review for  driving untapped and highly targeted traffic to your offers, opt-ins and blogs absolutely for free

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Authority Site Traffic Boost  will guide you through all of the steps necessary to create, run and profit from a little used and highly targeted traffic source.

When you purchase the front end product, you’ll have access to a 5 part HD video series, with companion PDF Guides that walks you through the entire system for generating unlimited and highly targeted, mostly Tier 1 traffic and its completely FREE.

There’s nothing else anywhere on the market today that covers this type of traffic and very few are taking advantage of it. It is truly “Low Hanging Fruit”.


Module1Here’s what your subscribers will learn…

  • Module 1 – This is the Tools phase. Where You’ll Setup The Tools Necessary To Be Able To Evaluate The Quality Of The Traffic You Uncover.  Don’t Worry, You Won’t Have To Spend A Single Dime On The Software… It’s All FREE And Simple To Understand And Use. And It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Using A Mac Or A PC…


  • Module2Module 2 – The Second Module Is All About How To “Root Out” Power House Traffic And A Simple, Step By Step Method To Evaluate What You’ve Uncovered And If It’s Indeed What You’re Looking For. Really Nothing Is Left To Chance. There Is No Guess Work, No Fuzzy Areas.



  • Modul3Module 3 – And Then In The Third Module, We’ll Bring It All Together And Show You How To Tap Into The Powerful Traffic That You’ve Uncovered And Proved To Be The Targeted, Tier 1 Traffic That’s Actually Trying To Find What You’re Offering.




  • vlcsnap-2016-07-14-09h08m47s712Conclusion – And finally in the conclusion all the loose ends are tied up and you’ll see some great examples and over the shoulder screenshots of how this all works. We’ll also get into how to scale up you traffic generation efforts. This can easily take care of your traffic generation needs.



At the end of every Module I list clear and easy to follow Action Steps they’ll need to accomplish before moving on to the next Module.


You Are Also Going To Get 2 Powerful and Highly Related Bonuses, To Help you Further With Your Traffic Generation Efforts 

Reddi Traffic TorandoA 42 Page PDF Guide That’s Packed With a Complete Method for Reddit Ads

  • Module 1 – How to Set Up an Account On Reddit and What Reddit Is All About, Finding Releveant Sub-Reddits
  • Module 2 – Using The Ads Platform and the Anatomy of a Reddit Ad
  • Module 3 – Finding Your Ideal Customer and Targeting the Ideal Audience… BUYERS!
  • And Much, Much More …

And You’ll Also Get…

Get More TrafficWith 70 Traffic Secrets For More Leads and Sales

  • This Guide Is Packed With Tons Of Great Traffic Generating Ideas
  • Get More Traffic is packed with helpful tips on how to not only increase your traffic generation, but how to increse engagement. A must have
  • You’ll see an immediate improvement in you traffic generation efforts
  • And Much, Much More ..





Proof This Method Gets Results:

Here are some quick example screenshots I took of some of the smart marketers that have been using this method, but not even to its full potential…

First Page Listing For an Affiliate Product, Using This Method

Note That This Is Not An Affiliate Website

Again Right On The Front Page Of Google For A Recent Affiliate Product

If This Method Gets These Types Of Affiliate Offers On the Front Page Of Google and With Absolutely No SEO,Imagine What It Can Do For You


And Here’s One More With 2 Of These Right On the Front Page Again

I Could Do This All Day Long The Amount Of Traffic Is Endless…

I Actually Have not been stumped to Find These Traffic Gems

And You Want To Know What’s Really Exciting?  Any Or All Of These Spaces Can Be Yours… 

  • You Don’t Need To Do Any Back Links, In Fact, No SERP SEO At All
  • Why Stop With Just One Listing, When You Can Setup As Many Of These As You Want And Dominate The Front Page Of Google And Bing! Hint… No one else has thought of this
  • This Is So Incredibly Simple And Easy, Anyone Can Tap Into This Traffic and That Anyone Should Be You!

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