Building Out Your System

Building Out Your System


Just like a solid building that will stand the test of time, a strong passive wealth generating business starts with a solid foundation.

In this module, you’ll learn about the systems and infrastructure for creating that strong foundation for your VSA business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module on building out your system…

  • Planning your website and how to choose a Domain Name
  • Installing and configuring WordPress for your viral posts
  • The mandatory web pages you’ll need to have
  • Setting up the Social Icons and links that connect your Facebook fan page with your website.
  • Setting up your Facebook personal profile
  • Setting up and configuring your fan page.
  • Configuring your fan page to post as your fan page, not your personal profile.

As this guide is designed to discuss building a passive income through viral social posts, I won’t be going deeply into the technical process of building a website from scratch. I’ll go over the basic concepts and procedures and for more in depth instruction, I’ll include links to a couple of free tutorial resources on how to setup up a WordPress website from beginning to running; step by step.

With that said then, let’s begin with setting up your viral website.

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