Creating A Viral Tsunami

Creating a Viral Tsunami


viral tsunamiAll methods of internet marketing have common threads. One of those main threads is traffic. All systems depend on traffic to bring prospects to your offers and potentially make sales.

The reason we’re trying to create posts that will go viral isn’t just for the popularity of the post. Although there’s the benefit of increased likes and shares to your fan page. The real reason is to generate more traffic. To bring more prospects in contact with your message, your offer and your brand.

You’ve figured out who your hungry audience is. Now it’s time to give them what they crave most. That’s the essence of what a viral post is. If they crave what you’re posting enough, they’ll be inspired to engage with and share that information you provide. An engaged, hungry prospect is exactly the kind of person you want.

So, here’s what you’ll learn in this module…

  • How to write irresistible headlines for your posts. Using little known techniques you’ll be able to hook the interests and buying desires of your fans.
  • Compelling you fans to share your Facebook posts with their friends and friends of friends, causing a chain reaction wave that will raise your Facebook boat.
  • Encourage your fans to post their own high quality content on your fan page and increase your exposure to yet more fans.
  • How to use tags to your benefit to increase your fan page exposure even more.

Irresistible Headlines

These headlines draw the viewer in. They usually leave the viewer hanging on a type of cliff hanger. It’s almost impossible not to click on the post link to find out what the headline starts to reveal.

The idea is to create a headline for your post that goes right to the heart of what your viewer in your niche is wanting to know. You find this out by paying attention to the posts and comments they make in the groups you’ve joined in your niche, on Facebook. Then simply include this baited hint at what they want to know in your headline.

The headline’s only job is to get them to click on the post link to find out the answer to the cliff hanger you’ve left dangling; to answer their burning question you’ve primed them for.

There are several websites that are very good at creating this type of headline. I list several of them earlier in this guide here, in Setting Up Your Website towards the end of this section. .The best of the best is

Viral Nova is a great source for structuring cliff hanger and irresistible headlines. Just browse through their posts and when you see a headline that attracts your attention, most likely it’ll attract your viewer’s also. It doesn’t need to be in your niche. Simply modify one of their headlines that seems to fit your needs, with your niche specific topic.

You can just keep doing these types of headline swipes until you get the hang of what’s working. Just be sure not to copy the text directly. Make sure you modify it to meet your headline needs for your niche and your fan.