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My Complete Course On Reddit Advertising

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Reddi Traffic Tornado will guide you through all of the steps necessary to create, run and profit from Reddit Ads.

With this product, you’ll be able to download a 42 page PDF guide that’s packed with a complete method for Reddit Ads. There’s nothing else anywhere on the market today that covers Reddit Advertising with such in depth and easy to follow Action Steps.


Reddit Advertising is on a steady incline and has been for some time. And Most of that traffic is coming from tier one countries and that’s where the BUYERS are.

Shouldn’t you be cashing in on this TREND?


Reddit Ads Trend

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Module 1 – Is a “basics” level guide on how to set up an account on Reddit and what Reddit is all about and how to find and use relevant subreddits.

Reddi Traffic Tornado

Module 2 – This module is all about the Ads Platform and the anatomy of a Reddit Ad.

Types of Reddit Ads

  • Module 3
  • Module 3 – You’ll get all the help you need to find your ideal customer and target in on that audience, to make sure you’re only showing Ads to those Redditors who are ready and willing to buy.




Module 4 – Is all about the mechanics of setting up Reddit Ads and the very best practices to explode your ROI.

module 4



Module 5 – Gives the practical know how to ensure you will be able to measure your efforts and pinpoint the best results. This module is all about Tracking and measuring.




Module 6 – Once you have great performing Ads, you’ll want to scale them up and kill the losers. This module will take you through that process.

Bonus Module – I wasn’t going to do this, because this course is about traffic and not a general marketing guide, but then I decided to add extra value, I would include a module dedicated to Monetizing the huge amount of traffic you will be getting.twister-303892_1280






At the end of every Module I list clear and easy to follow Action Steps to accomplish before moving on to the next Module.

Overall, I am very pleased with this course and I can assure you that there is nothing as in-depth and this course, whether paid or free.

I’m only too happy to make my course available to you at no charge, because I want to see people have honest and accurate information while kicking their I.M. career off.

So If you’d like to learn more,

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  1. 7-28-2016

    Is reddit ads hotter than fb ads?

    • 7-28-2016

      Well, Reddit does not have 1.7 Billion subscribers, but for me, I would not set them as one or the other. Facebook advertising is one of many types as is Reddit.

      I will say this, both Reddit and Facebook have very diversified traffic. You could find just about any targeted niche on either. I believe that Reddit may have more passionate viewership though and that can be a very useful thing.

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