My Story – and My Internet Marketing Career

Who is This site For and Why Am I Qualified to Help?marketing

Let me start by taking the second part of that question first.

I’m Michael and I’ve been with marketing in one form or another for over 20 years. Back in 2006-2008 I was the chief moderator for one of the largest Forex websites and forums on the internet.

I owned my own very successful seven figure (brick and mortar) business, brokering auto parts wholesale while using the power of a closed satellite network technology and later the internet, for over 20 years.

I retired from all that a few years back to give me more free time. You see traditional businesses can make you rich, but they generally don’t afford the freedom that an Internet marketing business can.

I own several websites in several different niches. I have an extensive Facebook presence, with lots of fan pages in diverse areas. I have the freedom I was looking for when I retired from my brick and mortar business, but still am active in the running of my business, without having to be tied down to a schedule or a location.

I created 2 award winning courses on internet marketing. The first is about the viral nature of social media and the second is an extensive course on driving prospect traffic. Both went on to become Warrior Plus Deals of the Day selling over 2000 copies.

I’m also a top rated affiliate on the Warrior Plus platform and give advice on several affiliate marketing forums and mastermind groups.

Of course, I did very well when I sold my auto parts brokerage and I’m a full time internet marketer and have been for 3 years now.

So who is this website for? It’s for you the up and coming Internet Marketer.Start Working From Home

  • If you’re trying to figure out how to get into affiliate marketing…
  • Or,  how to start an affiliate marketing business…
  • Or, and most importantly –  how to make money through affiliate marketing, and fast…
  • Maybe you want to start a blog and do content marketing…
  • You most definitely should build an email list and start email marketing…
  • Then there’s how to get traffic to your website…

If this is the kind of stuff you’re looking for then this website has a treasure chest of great information available for you.

The site is segmented into five logical  information sections:

  1. The Start Here section. Of which this is a part. Also there is the 6 module fully free and actionable training course.
  2. Next is the Review section where I post my reviews of products and services I consider worthy of looking at. My reviews are always unbiased and my honest opinion. If I don’t like a product, I’ll say so.
  3. Then we have my Blog. This is where I’ll post articles and information about all things internet marketing. This could be email marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation and launching, CPA marketing, ( although to be honest I’m not a fan of CPA) and another topic as it relates to furthering your career in the IM space.
  4. This is where I’ll place information about the Products I have created and how you can learn more about them.
  5. And lastly, the subscription newsletter I publish that gives a valuable traffic source and traffic tips on a weekly basis. This course at the present time is available for only $14.95 per month and you’ll receive the newsletter once a week with a PDF copy available and archived in the I.M. Traffic Digest section.

Making money online has been elusive for most folks…make_money_online

Selling affiliate products with websites and then trying to get Google to bless you with rankings, only to have them change the rules next month. Sadly, you see your profitable sales disappear, because your Google traffic disappeared when your search rankings disappeared.

Then trying to build an email list, only to find out it’s just full of a bunch of people that won’t ever buy from you, because they aren’t buyers. You end up with an untargeted email list of non-qualified freebie seekers.

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do and when, or simply where to even start.

I know exactly what that feels like. I know that frustration and I think I’ve got the answer for you.

I’ll lay it all out in a step by step format in the other part of this Quick Start section. There is a 6 Module, full training course that I’m giving to you so you can get started today building your sustainable online business. Each module builds on the previous. It’s all laid out in a “follow along” format that you can easily duplicate with each and every step along the way.

At the end of each module, I’ll give you homework for you to get done before moving on to the next module, just to make sure you understand and take action.

You can go through the entire course before doing any of the action homework if that’s more comfortable for you, but that’s not necessary. The take away here is to get started and keep going.

The way this free internet marketing course is designed, you can complete the action homework at the end of each module without the need to know what comes next in future modules.

This really takes the guess work out of it and simply eliminates any feelings of being confused or overwhelmed. Anyone can do this and you’ll always know what you should be working on at any given time.

It’s really up to you though… Do you have a strong enough desire that you won’t let anything stand in your way?

Are you willing to take action on each and every assignment? If so, I don’t see how you can fail!

If You Take Action, (even imperfect action) You Will Succeed!

So if you’re ready to take the next step…

Click Here Now and learn the easy and ethical way how to make money online



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