The Basics

The Basics

In this module, we’ll be going over how to decide on a niche, not just a niche, but a profitable one and one where there’s big demand. You need to pick a niche that solves problems that people are willing to spend money on to resolve.

With that in mind, this module will start with how to decide on your niche and how to apply a series of tests to determine if it can make money and is it something you’ll want to spend time developing. Does it excite you and can it keep your interest.

We’ll then move on to a discussion of whether you want to create your own stuff to sell. Owning you own products gives you a level of control you can’t get when you sell other people’s stuff

The last portion of this module will be devoted to selling other peoples stuff. This is known as affiliate sales and CPA (Cost Per Action) sales. With the CPA method you can get paid for just sending traffic to the offer. It doesn’t require a purchase by your customer, for you to get paid.

This module may be review for more advanced marketers. If that’s you, feel free to skip this module. When I wrote this course I couldn’t know at what level the purchaser would be and I just wanted to make sure I’m not leaving anyone behind.

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