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Well this guide turned out to be a much bigger project than I had originally envisioned. When I started writing about this method and creating the outline for the book, I thought I was looking at maybe 20 or so pages, tops. As I continued to write and to research, I realized I would be doing you the reader a disservice if I didn’t cover everything involved in this process completely.

It then occurred to me that I needed to give background information that’s outside the normal scope of this guide. In doing so I think the book was improved and made much more useful for you the reader.

I hope you’ve found this guide to be a valuable learning tool and has given you some great ideas about how to move your internet marketing business to the next level. If you’ve never considered Facebook marketing before, I hope this guide has opened your eyes to some of the possibilities. I firmly believe that Facebook is the next big thing when it comes to marketing and that next big thing has already begun.

You are situated at the best time in history to take advantage of the awesome power of social media and the incredible ability to zero in on your ideal prospect. Always remember the very best time to begin is NOW!

Take Action

Your future could not be brighter, even if you’re deeply in debt and out of work. If you make a goal and envision how your life would be once you reach that goal, then create milestones to reach along the way, you can make your dreams come true.

Take ActionOf course the ONLY way any of that is going to happen for you is if you take action today. You must decide what it is you want, then decide how you’re going to go about getting it. Then you must determine the simplest first step you can take and ACTUALLY take that step. Let the first step lead you to the second one and the second lead you to the third and so on. Before you know it you’re living the life you were meant to live; the life you deserve to live. Nothing would make me happier than for this to happen for you.



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Quick Start Check List

Included is a quick start check list that will help keep you on track; using a step by step approach.

Video tutorial Link for redirect Link (php)

While I prefer the Pretty Link plugin, you can redirect links with a php file. Here are some video tutorials on how to do this at https://youtube.com/results?search_query=redirect+cloaked+link++php

Video tutorial link for Pretty Link

Pretty Links has an extensive User Manual with videos for everything you would want to know about the plugin at http://prettylinkpro.com/user-manual/

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You will find this valuable guide located in your Bonuses section of the member’s area.

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Included with this course is a complete course on Facebook advertising. Just head over to the Bonuses section and dig in.


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